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Study of agriprotectors


Our agricultural protectants are characterized by high efficiency at low cost and are suitable for various crops. The quality of protectors vineyard is supported by studies and field tests, which show the benefits of its use.

The use of protective vineyard got an increased peak and average temperature within about ambient (at 5 ° C and 1 ° C, respectively) and higher average relative humidity 7%.

To stimulate growth in height and lower branches, improve plantation management in the early years and ensures a trellising system in the first year.

Measurements performed CO2 photosynthesis and sheets situated inside the protective tube, showed a 9% increase in photosynthesis.

* The findings, made with translucent white guard, showed that it could use 32% more height growth, encouraging training, and diminishing trellis branches, which hinder the formation of plants and represent a significant labor cost.

Main advantages:

    Increased height growth
    Ramifications and anticipated decreased
    Better off cremimiento
    Rodent protection and herbicides
    Need not tutor

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