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Do you have problems with the website? Can't register?
If you cannot register or have any other problem with the website and need help, click on this link: Request online support

How to get a quote or buy?
In the online store you can obtain quotes and buy quickly and easily. You will also find detailed information about the products. Unless you make payment, the order is not processed, so it works as a quote for you.

Do the prices include taxes and shipping?
The price shown is without VAT and without shipping. To view shipping and taxes, you will need to register first so the system knows where the shipment is going. Without knowing where the shipment is going, the system does not know the tax regime of the destination country and cannot calculate shipping costs. But once identified, it shows you the price with VAT included and indicates the shipping costs before finalizing the order.

Maybe you can't find the shipping costs to your address for the order you want. This is because it is not possible to parameterize all purchase quantities for all destinations, since weights and volumes vary. In this case, send us an email indicating your address and the order you wish to place and we will send you a quote.

Are there different prices depending on the purchase quantity?
Yes. For large purchase quantities we prepare special lots whose price is different. Shipping can also be proportionally cheaper for large orders or be paid. The website informs you, depending on the product, of the indicative amount from which it is suggested to request a quote.

What payment methods do you offer?
You can pay with VISA, bank transfer or Paypal. The same program will give you the information you need depending on the payment you choose. If payment is made by credit card, the order is processed immediately. By bank transfer, the order is not processed until it is received in the account. Paypal is limited to low amounts. (If you choose payment by transfer, at the end of the order it will show and send the payment information)

Delivery times:
Shipping is normally made the same day or the next business day after receipt of the order and payment. Then the agency delivers within 48 hours. In towns far from the common route it may take one more day. Delivery times are subject to stock changes. For large quantities it is preferable to consult

What do I do if I have problems purchasing? Can I order it by phone?
We can provide you with a quote or proforma and give you online support. Simply click on the following link so that you do not forget any of the necessary data and so that we comply with data protection. Of course, you can also call us, but the link is active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is the fastest.

I request that you send me the order and the information

I have doubts about the characteristics of the products. How do I clarify them?

Consult the product characteristics in the online store. Scroll the screen from top to bottom so as not to skip any information. We also recommend checking out the blog. Of course you can contact us by phone, in the Contact section of the website or in the chat (Don't forget to leave us a contact email in the chat if it is not operational at that time)

How can I see the price variation based on quantity?

Once you have loaded the products into the cart, if the quantity changes, the prices are updated based on a scale. After typing the new amount, you just have to click on the little circular arrows. For large quantities whose shipping costs are not calculated, contact us.

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