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Nursery container truffles

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Container for the cultivation of truffles and other mycorrhizal plants to grow. Good for sowing or planting nursery truffles. Are shipped disassembled, open and stacked to save volume.

Specially designed for the cultivation of truffles and other mycorrhizal plants

Besides getting quality plants, the culture system Full-Pot is the most competitive market. It offers an unbeatable quality / price ratio and represents a considerable reduction in fixed investment. As for storage and delivery, significant savings are achieved due to stacking system.

The mycorrhizal plant quality is guaranteed thanks to Full-Pot design. Cell walls continental vertical slots which direct root down and prevent its coiling. Full depth-Pot ensures optimal root development, so that once planted in the ground can absorb moisture. With lower opening has the effect of air autorepicado, developing secondary roots to stall the growth of principal. The ability to open, to control the moisture it receives the plant without causing any damage or break the rootball at the early stages of the culture.


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